Rat Rod Wagon 9/1/15

Rat Rod Wagon 9/1/15

Getting close, but still lots to do.

We have the exhaust done, but we’re kind of disappointed that we couldn’t make it a dual exhaust.

That being said, nothing is necessarily permanent on this build. We may go back in and figure out a dual exhaust anyway, or we could make a side pipe or stack. We’re opposed to making a stack or side pipe because we’re confident that people will burn themselves or (in the case of a stack) grab it to push the wagon, which could break it.

We used 3/4″ conduit, which is galvanized therefore releasing poisonous gases when we welded it… Also, it looks kind of gross.

Spoiler Alert: with the exhaust and current gearing, the Rat Rod Wagon does right around 25 miles an hour… Not bad, right? The engine doesn’t like high RPMs because its intake and carb jet are bottlenecking the flow of air and fuel while the exhaust is very unrestrictive… I guess we’ll just have to remove the governor, add a ram air intake, and jet the carb!

How fast do you want to see the Rat Rod Wagon go?

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  1. Butch S. says: Reply

    That one really needs a old Briggs opposed twin. It would give you more weight on the front so it turns, it’s a flathead motor so it fits the ratrod theme, and they’re typically 18 HP motors so it should scoot. Also, twin cylinder = dual exhaust. 😉
    Lots of them were used on riding mowers, but most of those were vertical shaft motors. They did make them in a horizontal shaft version so it still shouldn’t be that hard to find one that’s usable.

  2. brandon says: Reply

    OR you could make another one that goes into the other exaust pipe

  3. Billy Bob says: Reply

    Y’all are awesome! Did you ever think about using hydraulic wheel motors on a kart( like on a zero turn lawn mower)? Would be cool to see.

  4. Nicholas Brown says: Reply

    When are you two going to get this project out again? Ya thought we forgot about the website and build logs huh! How come you don’t do the blog anymore?! It would be nice to see everything on here for all the builds instead of searching around for videos! Anyways! WE NEED MORE RAT ROD WAGON VIDEOS/POSTS!!!!

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