The “Two Wheel Squeal”

The “Two Wheel Squeal”

The live axle install on Taylor’s $50 go kart (that currently has more names than you can count on one hand) was well worth it. Not only did it help acceleration and braking; converting the kart to two-wheel drive managed to increase the overall stability of the kart as well as improve the looks of the kart in general.

As soon as we got the axle on, Ike and I proceeded to drive it around the yard (which was soaking wet). We got filthy. It was awesome.

Check out the video if you haven’t already!

Go Power Sports makes a complete kit that is as close to “plug and play” as possible for a non-live axle kart. Here’s the link to their kit:

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  1. Jeff Sickler says: Reply

    Loved what you guys did with this kart. Awesome videos. I’m looking for a kart now to start doing some building and racing. I think it’s something I can get my son into also. Thanks for the inspiration.

    1. Joshua Hansen says: Reply

      When u tried to make it swim did u try welding like a paddle style set up to the axle

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