CarsandCameras builds go karts, mini bikes, drift trikes, and occasionally works on cars using sketchy ingenuity.


The CarsandCameras YouTube Channel started in November of 2012 after I had spent the summer detailing cars. Even though I got paid decently, working in the heat and sun was miserable, especially in North Carolina weather.

I decided that it was time for a change, but I wasn’t keen on working a minimum wage job at a local mall, as I’d had a less than stellar experience.

A friend and avid photographer from school was interested in creating a YouTube Channel. He told me about the possibilities and freedom of having a popular YouTube Channel.

I knew I liked cars, so I gave it a shot. The first videos weren’t great. They lacked emotion and didn’t perform well. I realized that if I wanted to turn it into a relatively popular Channel (i.e. more than few dozen subscribers), something would have to change.

At that point in time (spring and summer of 2013), Ike and I became friends and started piddling around with a go kart that had been laid up against the wall of his garage for years. It was a ton of fun, and working on it was a good learning experience.

I noticed that there wasn’t a large amount of go kart videos on YouTube, so I figured I’d give it a shot with a short, fast-paced video that would be easy to watch. I decided that it should be a list video, because they seemed to be very popular at the time even though I ironically despise list videos.

Out of that idea came “9 Reasons to Buy an Old Go Kart”. Within three months it had outperformed my previously most popular video (which had been out for two years at that point).

I knew we had found our niche.

The CarsandCameras Crew

John I.

John spreading Christmas cheer, and confusing children. 

John spreading Christmas cheer, and confusing children. 

John is an undergraduate student and Entrepreneurship major at Elon University. He is the main contributor to CarsandCameras;  which consists of most editing, shooting, and writing.

Isaac J.

Determination (feat. Ike)

Determination (feat. Ike)

Isaac is a mechanic and dear friend of John. He is locally known notoriously as the legend who swaps Chevrolet small block V8s into all kinds of non-GM cars.