Terms and Conditions


While there is a time to joke around and say “it’ll be fine”, there is also a time to be serious. The CarsandCameras terms and conditions is something to take seriously.

Liability Disclaimer

We, CarsandCameras (including all contributors such as John, Ike, Taylor, Burt, Jim, Jackie, and others) are not liable for any damages or injuries inflicted upon oneself or others in any go kart, mini bike, car, or other related incidents. All CarsandCameras content is for entertainment purposes only. We urge you not to try anything you see at home. All installation videos are guidelines only and should not be treated as an instruction manual. Work on go karts at your own risk. 

CarsandCameras or any contributors are not responsible for damages or injury caused by products sold on this website or in person (such as stickers, shirts, and other apparel), nor are we responsible for damages or injury caused by advice or recommendation by a contributor regarding projects, tools, or any other criteria.

By consuming CarsandCameras content (viewing, purchasing CarsandCameras products, etc.), all viewers and customers are releasing any and all liability that could be held against CarsandCameras or its contributors. CarsandCameras or any related contributor are not liable for any damages or injuries caused by go kart, mini bike, automotive, or any other related incident. 

Website Usage Policy

  • Be respectful of others.
  • Feel free to leave general website/product feedback on the Contact page.
  • If you are underage, please get an authoritative adult’s consent before visiting or making purchases on this website.

Return Policy

While customer satisfaction is a staple in the CarsandCameras business model, all sales are final. No returns or refunds will be granted. Don’t worry! All products are checked and double checked to ensure top notch quality.

All in all, we want everyone to be safe. We urge everyone to not take potentially dangerous and/or harmful risks to oneself or others. Always use proper safety gear, respect and adhere to the law, and be safe!