Beginning the ’73 Beetle Project

Time to save the Beetle

I picked this beetle up a few months ago. It sat parked in a garage for around 4 years after a fuel problem forced its previous owner to park it. Up until that point, the car had been a daily driver for the Joe, seeing all types of weather. After talking to him and assessing what the poor beetle needed, which was a lot, a deal was made and I had to figure out how to get my non running beetle home.

IMG_1218 (1)

Luckily for me, Joe let me try to get it running in his driveway. I came back a few days later with a fuel pump, gas can, and battery to see if that would do it. After some starter fluid and a solid minute of cranking, she turned over.

Great. She runs. I had no idea what my next move would be, but I was growing tired of hunting for tools and really wanted to get the car home to my garage. I went through a mental checklist… Brakes work? Great. Goes in gear? Yup. Should I drive it home? Probably not, but I’m going to. After briefly checking everything, I began the 10 mile trek home. Joe followed me up the hill with his 80’s Dodge pickup full of extra parts and a gas can. I asked him to bring the can because when we left, there wasn’t much gas in the tank. Sure enough, at the top of the hill, I crept to a stop and we both hopped out to fill it back up.

The car made it to my house with only a few mishaps. There it sat in my garage… a rusty ’73 Super Beetle and some extra parts. Now just to get a plan together…

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