Trying to fix the Beetle’s fuel issue

Using 40 year old fuel hose is a bad idea.

When I bought the beetle, I knew there was something wrong with the fuel system. That’s why Joe parked it. What I didn’t know was what all was bad/needed to be replaced. With dumb luck the fuel pump got the car running, but the 4 years of sleep didn’t do the rubber hoses any good. So, within a few hours of parking the car in the garage, I come back to this:


Yeah, a nice little puddle of gas under the car. It turns out there is a rubber line that exits the tank (directly above the puddle) and runs into a steel line in the body. The only problem was the “rubber” line didn’t look rubbery anymore. It was brittle and soaked with fuel.


At this point, I’m committed to redoing the fuel lines, so hey, might as well check the tank. On one hand, I wish I wouldn’t have because the tank needed to be replaced or at least restored. Something else to put on the list! On the other, I’m glad I did because rust. Lots of rust. Since I didn’t want to spend the time and money to restore the tank, I purchased a new tank which didn’t really fit, and began to reassemble the system. I’m still working on trying to get the filler neck to fit in the not-so-right tank and attach all the hoses correctly.

This is turning out to be more work that I had intended.

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  1. lyle hipp says: Reply

    i have a 1974 beetle that runs and drive if you would like to buy it had the engine rebult just needs wireing and interior

    1. Taylor Woodson says: Reply

      I wish I could take on another project but this one is consuming all my time. Thank you though!

  2. Jordan says: Reply

    Cool project, I’m excited to see it when its done

    1. Taylor Woodson says: Reply


  3. sione says: Reply

    Do more up grades on your 670cc go kart black widow

    1. John says: Reply

      We got some parts in the mail for it the other day. Some performance, some maintenance. Hopefully it’ll all work out.

  4. Joel says: Reply

    hehehe… you opened a whole can of worms. is a great source for quality parts, check out if you havent already.

    1. Taylor Woodson says: Reply

      I’ve been to the Samba but I’ll definitely check out CBPerformance. Thanks!

      1. Joel says: Reply

        For sure, I get excited about anything VW bug. CBperformance is top notch, both in customer service and quality of parts. There’s a lot of cheap crap parts out there. I have a 98 Mexican Bug with a 1915cc engine in it. Sooo much fun. My favorite thing is watching people punch the crap out each each other when I go by.

  5. Cory says: Reply

    I had a ’70 standard for my first car that I had to replace the fuel tank on. That filler neck that’s not fitting right will never fit right. What I did was just buy a fuel tank for a pre-67 standard beetle and all you have to do when you get gas is open the hood. It’s not nearly as bad as a leaky filler neck is.

    1. Taylor Woodson says: Reply

      In hindsight, I wish I had done that. I got the filler neck to slide further in…it’s not perfect but IT’LL BE FINE!

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