Here’s a list of events that Isaac and John from CarsandCameras will be attending:

Gambler 500

Set for June 26-28, the Gambler 500 is an annual event in Crescent Oregon that encourages participants to explore and have fun free of charge in vehicles worth five hundred dollars or less. John and Ike will be there with Go Power Sports for the annual Gambler 500 mini bike enduro.

Check out the 2019 Gambler 500 mini bike enduro in Prineville, OR below:

Pate Swap Meet

Slated for October 1-3 at the famous Texas Motor Speedway, the Pate Swap Meet is one of the largest automotive meetups in the country. Those fond of classic cars, car/truck shows, or those looking to buy/sell parts should be sure to attend! The CarsandCameras guys will be at the Go Power Sports tent. Click here for more info.

Watch the guys revive a 2 speed mini bike at last year’s Pate Swap Meet here:

Mini Mayhem Fall 2020

Date to be announced. Hosted at Busco Beach in Goldsboro NC, Mini Mayhem is a CarsandCameras special event that includes 2,000+ acres of trails, water features, tracks, and more with Ike and John! Special awards are also on the line for those with the most distance traveled to attend event, the most unique build, and the most often stuck. Make sure to keep up with recent videos and watch out for a date announcement!

Get a look at what Mini Mayhem is all about here: